Residential House Fire and Smoke Case Study

Residence; Dallas, TX
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During a stormy night north of Dallas, fate sent a lightning bolt crashing down upon Alistair's unsuspecting home. The crackling thunderclap was only the prelude to a terrifying and problematic sequence of events. Alistair discovered that the lightning bolt had ignited plastic material in his attic. Fortunately, he was able to extinguish the fire. However, the pungent stench of burnt plastic and chemicals lingered in the air, insidiously infiltrating the bedroom directly beneath the attic.  

“The smell of the plastic was overwhelming. My daughter was due to visit the next week, and I was worried we wouldn't have a room for her to sleep in because of the smell."   

Fortunately, Alistair's neighbor — an HVAC specialist — came to the rescue. Recognizing the urgency, the neighbor recommended installing the Plasma Air product in his home to combat the odor. Once the product was installed in his HVAC system, the technology went to work, safely circulating revitalizing oxygen ions throughout the house.  

Plasma Air uses patented bipolar ionization technology, which produces negatively and positively charged oxygen ion molecules, essentially nature’s process of cleaning the air. These oxygen ions are circulated throughout the entire home via the ductwork system, inactivating and reducing airborne pathogens and pollutants.  

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Learn more about the Plasma Air product line for homes here. Plasma Air is proven to not only reduce odors, but also reduces and neutralizes other airborne pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, allergens and VOCs. More on our testing and research can be found here. 

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