WellAir's Elite Dealer shares company’s successes installing Plasma Air for their customers

Published 2022-02-04

The WellAir team recently had a chance to connect with Matt Binning, the Service Manager at Alcorn Aire in Bakersville, CA, one of WellAir’s successful Elite Dealers. In this interview Matt explains how his company is winning by offering Plasma Air’s bipolar ionizers on every job. 

 Alcorn Aire, a WellAir Elite Dealer.

WA: Tell us what impressed you about the Plasma Air product line and why you decided to carry it.

Matt: First and foremost, the demand from COVID/pandemic. Schools, businesses and some residential customers knew they needed to treat the air so that they could assure their employees or customers that the air was being purified. 

We reviewed a lot of IAQ brands, and Plasma Air met all the standards that our customers were asking for, most notably that it doesn’t produce any ozone. Plus, the versatility in the line of products is key: from a small 1500 CFM application with a quick 24V, or we can triple stack the AutoClean 1500s and treat large air handling equipment.  

The literature provided by WellAir was the biggest selling point for our customers. It explains perfectly how the products work and how they improve the indoor air quality.   

WA: What distinguishes it from the competitors? 

Matt: Price is number one- the competitive product is extremely expensive and gives less output and outpriced us in our market. The value of the AutoClean 1500 is second to none and makes the line highly profitable for our business. 

Second is the ease of mounting the Plasma Air products- and with the addition of mounting magnets, it will take it up another notch. The small size of the Plasma Air 600s and the AutoClean 1500s allows our techs to slide them right into the Daikin air handlers that we install. Everything on the Daikin unit is difficult... except installing the Plasma Air unit on it. It takes 15 mins tops! All the Daikin models can easily work with the Plasma Air unit. 

Ultimately, it turns our job from “I want to pull my hair out” to “In 15 mins, I’m done and onto the next job.” 

WA: How much of your business is comprised of IAQ products and has it increased/decreased during the pandemic? 

Matt: We only install the Plasma Air products and last year that made up close to 20% of gross sales of the business. COVID’s here to stay and we’re finding that those customers who were behind the curve are now looking into IAQ solutions.  

WA: Any feedback from your customers about the products that you'd like to share? (Effectiveness, cost, peace of mind, etc) 

Matt: I have installed the products in my own home and already noticed the difference. Living in Bakersfield, CA, which is known for some of the worst air quality in the country, my whole family has felt the benefits of cleaner air in our home. My asthmatic daughter has felt significant improvement with her breathing challenges.   

WA: How valuable is the Elite dealer program to your business? 

Matt: The kickback benefits and rebates got everyone’s attention right away. The product and value we can offer with Plasma Air have benefited our customers and, even more, have benefited our business in the long run. My team really appreciated the welcome kits from the WellAir; it meant something to see a manufacturer investing in us. Plus, it’s great marketing!  

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