Air Purification for Ductless Mini Split Systems

Published 2024-04-11

The global ductless heating and cooling systems market is projected to surpass $200B by 2030, making it clear that more and more owners are choosing to go ductless for its energy efficiency, flexibility and reliability.

This presents a great opportunity for HVAC contractors to offer Plasma Air with each ductless system. The uniquely small size of the 600 Series product allows for fast and easy installation, making it the perfect complement for every ductless unit.

HVAC Contractors - Increase Your Profits with Every Install

Boost your revenue in minutes by integrating our easy-to-install air purification solution into every ductless mini split system. Set yourself apart and deliver top-notch indoor air quality to your customers. 

Effective Technology Reduces and Inactives Airborne Pollutants

Plasma Air products use proven soft ionization technology, also known as bipolar ionization, whic produces oxygen ion molecules that reduce or inactivate airborne pollutants, such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold spores and VOCs.

How Plasma Air's soft ionization technology works.

Safe and Affordable for Customers

Customers can have peace of mind knowing no ozone or other harmful byproducts are produced; all Plasma Air products are UL 2998 validated. And with no replacement parts and little maintenance needed, it’s a most cost-effective IAQ solution for the whole home or building.

5 easy steps to installing Plasma Air into ductless mini split units

The Plasma Air 600 Series unit is uniquely small in size and can easily be installed inside the frame of the ductless unit. It can be installed in wall and floor mounted units, cassette style units and ducted-concealed units.

How to install, in 5 easy steps:

1. Determine the voltage of the equipment to choose the appropriate 600 Series model.
2. Locate the best mounting location inside the return air area.
3. Ensure and that the brush emitters are at least 1" away from any metal surfaces.
4. Secure the unit with a zip tie.
5. Route the wires to the control panel.

Once connected and tested, the mini split installation is complete!


To learn more about how soft ionization works, go to And HVAC dealers, check out our Elite Dealer program which offers rebates and direct marketing and sales resources.

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