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Safe and continuous air purification for commercial applications.

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Plasma Air BAR Series

For commercial applications, the Plasma BAR is a commercial quality, remote mounted needlepoint ion generator intended for installation in air handling units (AHU) and rooftop units (RTU). The Plasma BAR is available in lengths of 18 inches up to 96 inches in 6 inch increments to suit a wide variety of AHU or RTU size applications. 

The Plasma BAR needlepoint ionizers produce positively and negatively charged ions that reduce and neutralize harmful pollutants and odors. Pre-assembmed, they are typically installed on the upstream side of cooling coil but can be located downstream near supply fan section with a contractor provided support system. To ensure optimal performance the Plasma BAR series require minimal annual maintenance and cleaning.

Proven to reduce or neutralize:


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The Plasma Air BAR Series is UL 2998 validated for zero ozone emissions.

UL2998 | Plasma Bar Series

Product Specifications

Airflow Capacity:

Up to 20,000 CFM

Direct Input Voltage:

12V DC or 24V AC

Input Voltage - Power Supply:

120/230V AC

Environmental Service:

Indoor Only


UL2998, Intertek/ETL Standard UL 867


CSA C22.2# 187, CARB, UL 2043, ISO 16000

Mode of Operation:

Recessed, Needlepoint Type

BAR Dimensions:

0.5" × 3.5" × 18" - 96"

Control Panel Dimensions:

6.5" × 6.5" × 3.5"

BAR Weight:

1.1 lbs (18") - 6.0 lbs (96")

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