Religious institutions

Help reduce the risk of illness and gather safely

Indoor air quality matters more than ever.

Effective, safe & affordable air purification systems for your religious institution

As our society adapts to a global pandemic, many places of worship are attempting to make it safe for people to return while providing the peace of mind that the air and surfaces are free from contaminants that could cause illnesses. Besides keeping people socially distanced, one way to do that is to address indoor air quality and augment surface disinfection. Viruses, bacteria, allergens, dust, mold, gasses, and other contaminants can circulate inside, creating breathing hazards and foul odors. Unfortunately, more modern and well-insulated facilities can trap odors, pollen, and other pollutants within their airtight walls. At the same time, older buildings could need a system overhaul to keep ventilation at an acceptable and effective level.

Inactivate airborne and surface viruses to help prevent illness and outbreaks
Neutralize offensive odors and harmful VOCs
Reduce allergens such as dander, pollen, dust, and mold spores
Inactivate bacteria that can lead to illness

HVAC Air Purification for Commercial Environments

The Plasma Air and PlasmaPURE HVAC air purification units can be easily incorporated into new or existing HVAC systems, reducing energy consumption and providing a healthy, productive environment for indoor communities. The Plasma Air products are easy to install and require little to no maintenance. Our entire HVAC portfolio of products is UL 2998 validated for zero ozone emissions.

UVC surface disinfection

NuvaWave is an instant UVC device proven to disinfect surfaces against harmful pathogens in one second with its targeted UVC light and portable, handheld design. NuvaWave is designed to be safe allowing staff to clean rooms while people are present.

White Paper: Clearing the Air

What you need to know about indoor air quality and choosing the right solution.

Improvements to ventilation systems might not be enough, and navigating the air cleaning market can be a tricky proposition. Learn more about what you need to know when choosing the right solution in our latest white paper.

Air Disinfection for Commercial Environments

WellAir portable devices are low-maintenance, easy to install, provide a low total cost of ownership, and are highly effective for rapid or continuous airborne infection control. At the core of all WellAir air disinfection devices is our patented NanoStrike Technology. This powerful yet gentle technology produces no harmful byproducts and is safe for 24/7 use around children, the elderly, and the sick. 

Indoor air quality matters more than ever.

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