Introducing the Defend 400

A portable air cleaning system that filters out and inactivates airborne viruses and bacteria for medical purposes.


On average, we spend between 80–95% of our lives breathing in more than 2000 gallons of indoor air every day. Up to five times more polluted than outside air, indoor air can be teeming with viruses, bacteria, VOCs, fungal spores, and allergens.

WellAir is wholly committed to putting health in every breath, ensuring the air we inhale and the indoor environments we live within are free from the pathogens and pollutants that threaten our health.


Backed by more than a decade of research and innovation, WellAir recently launched the Defend NV 400, an FDA-cleared Class II medical device that is 99.9% effective at inactivating airborne pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 proxy virus (MS2 Bacteriophage) and MRSA, bacteria, and fungi, and also purifies the air of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, gases, and odors.

Helping to reduce airborne infection risks with portable air disinfection

The unrivaled performance of WellAir's portable air disinfection technology is achieved using our patented NanoStrikeTM technology to inactivate and reduce harmful airborne microorganisms on contact. WellAir's free-standing, portable recirculating air cleaning systems are FDA-cleared and designed for continuous 24/7 front-line protection in healthcare settings to provide airborne infection control.

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UVC surface disinfection for pathogen reduction in healthcare environments

The patented NuvaWave® handheld device is the ultimate portable solution for UVC surface disinfection. Proven to destroy over 99.98% of the most common and harmful pathogens in just one second with its targeted UVC light, it helps reduce healthcare-acquired infection risk in critical spaces across healthcare facilities. 

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Whole-building HVAC air purification for cleaner and safer buildings

Plasma Air products are mounted in the HVAC system of any building, making it an ideal solution for whole-building air purification. The Plasma Air air purification units use bipolar ionization to reduce particulate matter, odors, VOCs, viruses, and bacteria. All Plasma Air products have been validated to the highest industry standards - UL 2998 for zero ozone emissions and UL 867 safety certified.

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Portable air disinfection for cleaner and safer learning and working environments

Our portable medical-grade air disinfection devices and FDA-cleared air cleaning systems use patented NanoStrikeTM technology to inactivate and reduce airborne pathogens and pollutants, including viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, small particulate matter (PM) and VOCs. The devices are available in various sizes, designed to safely tackle indoor air challenges for a wide range of environments.

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Chemical-free UVC surface disinfection everywhere you need it

Commercial environments typically serve large groups of people with many high-touch surfaces that require frequent disinfection. With a variety of room types and surfaces, there is an ongoing need to disinfect frequently. NuvaWave is a UVC instant surface disinfection device proven to eliminate surface pathogens in one second, helping prevent the spread of viruses and illness.

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Affordable, safe, and effective HVAC air purification for the home

PlasmaPURE is a whole-home indoor air quality solution for single and multi-family residential buildings. Installed in existing or new HVAC systems, our PlasmaPURE solutions use bipolar ionization to reduce airborne pollutants commonly found in homes such as bacteria and viruses, mold spores, odors. The entire PlasmaPURE product portfolio is validated to the highest industry standards - UL 2998 for zero ozone emissions and UL 867 safety certified.

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  • A safer, cleaner environment for patients and staff

  • A safer, cleaner learning environment

  • A safer, cleaner office environment

  • A safer, cleaner environment for dental patients

  • A safer, cleaner hotel environment

  • A safer, cleaner environment for employees

    Through Science, WellAir Makes A Difference

    WellAir products and technologies have been shown to safely and effectively inactivate and reduce viruses, bacteria, mold spores, VOCs, and particulate matter in over 50 independent laboratory tests.

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    SARS CoV-2, Influenza, Norovirus


    E. coli, MRSA, Tuberculosis


    PM1.0, PM2.5

    Mold Spores

    A. niger, A. fumigatus


    Nitrogen Oxide, Formaldehyde

    Medical advisory board

    The WellAir Medical Advisory Board (MAB) develops, educates and supports innovation in a multi-disciplinary approach to improve the healthiness of indoor environments.

    The board brings together a diverse group of leading public health, environmental and medical experts. The WellAir MAB will study and advise upon the advancement of indoor air and surface quality with an emphasis on improving respiratory, immunological, oncologic and general public health outcomes.

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