Sante International Case Study

Sante International, Romania
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Sante International has provided solutions to the Romanian healthcare industry since 1992 and has partnered with Novaerus since 2014.


Believing in the Novaerus infection control technology was easy for Sante International, a reputable healthcare distributor in Romania, but proving its efficacy to their customers was more challenging. Sante’s customers were familiar with dated, costly, high-maintenance technology such as HEPA filtration and UV, and were reluctant to believe that Novaerus could contribute to a more efficient, complete solution.

Sante needed to provide their skeptical customer base with evidence that Novaerus was a significant improvement over existing technology.


Sante International proposed an air sampling trial at the Bucharest Emergency University Hospital, one of the largest hospitals for infectious disease in Romania. Curious, this forward-thinking hospital agreed to participate in a three month trial.

Two Protect 800 and five Protect 200 units were installed in the hospital's surgical departments. Using the 30-day air sampling protocol provided by Novaerus, samples were collected weekly from seven locations at three heights over a three month period.

The hospital staff and distributor employees worked closely together during the trial to ensure accurate and quality data.


After three months, both Sante and the hospital were convinced. Locations in the hospital with Novaerus units saw an 89% reduction in airborne bacteria, 87% reduction in airborne fungi and nearly 100% reduction in airborne Staphylococcus. The 336 air samples delivered outstanding results, solidifying the hospital's confidence in the Novaerus technology, and Sante’s ability to show value real-time.

In addition to measurably reduced bioburden in the air, hospital staff reported qualitative benefits: minimal maintenance, safe for continuous use around vulnerable patients and staff, a pleasing aesthetic, and an affordable price point. 

The hospital was delighted with the results. Sante International is now working with other hospitals to conduct similar trials so they too can “see” the results.


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