Particle Reduction

Felipe Soberon - WellAir, Zach Conley - ARE Labs
Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories, Kansas – Testing, WellAir Research & Development Laboratory, DCU ALPHA – Analysis
Full Report


To evaluate the efficacy of the Defend 400 at reducing Particulate Matter and determine the equivalent clean air delivery rate (eCADR).


Testing was conducted in a 16m3 environmental test chamber with polystyrene latex microspheres of 0.5 to 5.0 μm in diameter and an aerodynamic particle sizer (APS).

A TSI Aerodynamic Particle Sizer model 3321 (TSI Inc., Shoreview, MN) was used to measure particle size and concentration of PSL microspheres. The APS provided real-time aerodynamic particle characterization with a size range from 0.54-20.0 μm with 52 size bins of resolution. Sampling was continuous with a data export interval of 1 second. The APS had a continuous flow rate of 1 LPM. The APS was connected to a splitter with on/off valves in order to sample inhaled aerosols as well as ambient aerosols within the chamber.

PLS microspheres were nebulized into the test environment and one control and one test run were completed.

Summary of Results

The Defend 400 reduced PM 1 by 99.99% in 26 minutes with an eCADR of 340.7 m3/h. PM 2.5 was reduced by 99.99% in 25.9 minutes with an eCADR of 341.0 m3/h.

Defend 400 achieved 99.99% reduction of PM2.5

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