Monkeypox Virus Reduction

Dr. Dana Yee M.D, Clinical Pathologist and Medical Director
Innovative Bioanalysis, Inc.
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To evaluate the efficacy of the NuvaWave handheld UV device against surface Monkeypox, the virus that causes the disease Mpox.


Testing was conducted in a customized rig provided by WellAir in an 11'x11'x8' chamber following BSL-3 standards. The temperature during testing was approximately 75 ±2 (23.9 ±1°C), with a relative humidity of 41%. A hydrophilic glass slide was inoculated with 0.1 mL of 3.65 x 107 TCID50/mL

Monkeypox in viral media and left to air dry for 40 minutes before being placed on the customer-provided rig for testing. Surface collection occurred at 1 and 2 seconds of exposure, with irradiance recorded during each trial.


After 1 second against the Monkeypox virus, the NuvaWave Handheld UV device reduced a starting concentration of 3.65 x 107 TCID50/mL to an average of 1.42 x 107 TCID50/mL. After 2 seconds of UV exposure, recoverable active Monkeypox decreased to 5.71 x 106 TCID50/mL.


The NuvaWave Handheld UV device demonstrated the ability to reduce the Monkeypox virus on a surface, as shown by the 61.01% (0.41 log reduction) gross reduction after 1 second. More prolonged exposure resulted in a higher drop, as observed by the gross reduction of 84.35% (0.81 log reduction) after 2 seconds.

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