Evaluation of the Novaerus Technology in an Ophthalmology Operating Room

Infection Control Unit Lab, Ain Shams University
Ain Shams University; Cairo, Egypt
Full Report


To assess the effect of the Novaerus Protect 800/900 in reducing the presence of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in an Ophthalmology Operating Room.


The air dis-infection unit was installed in a 73.5m3 room with a split air conditioning system. The room was disinfected with hydrogen peroxide daily, with ordinary cleaning performed once weekly. Bacteria colonies were measured by M.A.Q.S.11 Air Sample using the MAQ System. Samples were taken in the morning.

Pre-trial colony readings were 200 CFU/m3 in the used room and 50 CFU/m3 in the empty room. The trial was carried out over a 28-day period, with the Novaerus air dis-infection unit running continuously, 24 hours a day over a two-week period.


The Novaerus air dis-infection unit proved efficacy in reducing the bacterial colony count in both the rooms that were being used and those that were empty.

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