Region 9 Head Start Association Forms Partnership with WellAir

Published 2022-06-14

STAMFORD, CT - JUNE 14, 2022  WellAir, the provider of indoor air and surface disinfection solutions has announced they have partnered with the Region 9 Head Start Association (R9HSA) in an effort to improve Head Start facilities with solutions for healthier and safer environments for all students and staff.  

The R9HSA provides assistance to Head Start programs in Arizona, California, Nevada, Hawaii, and the Pacific Region to ensure their ongoing viability and vitality. The program services over 130,000 children and families in the largest geographical area of any regional association. R9HSA is committed to improving the health and safety of their facilities and they understand this begins with the indoor air.

WellAir has successfully deployed air and surface disinfection solutions across Head Start communities nationwide. The portable NanoStrike air disinfection technology is very well suited for educational and childcare environments because it safely inactivates airborne viruses and bacteria. 

Commonly used in Head Start facilities, the Protect 900 device has been third-party tested and proven effective at reducing the Influenza A, Norovirus and SARS CoV-2 surrogate viruses by 99.99%+. All test results can be found at* 

“We are thrilled about this partnership with WellAir,” says Edward Condon, executive director for R9HSA. “WellAir will be providing air disinfection on-site at our upcoming association events and they have made their solutions very affordable and available for our region’s facilities.”

With portable air disinfection devices in use throughout event venues, the Head Start Association can augment their existing safety protocols for in-person events and provide a safer environment for all attendees. 

“We are very happy to partner with R9HSA,” says Raleigh Guice, vice president, sales with WellAir. “WellAir believes in equitable access to world class medical technology for everyone and especially for children and staff. Our partnership will ensure that we continue to drive towards helping 1 million children breathe cleaner air.”

For more information on WellAir’s support and partnership with R9HSA, visit or call 866-515-5181 for a free consultation.

About WellAir

WellAir is a leading provider of infection control solutions and its mission is to make the indoor world cleaner and safer. The company’s broad range of clean air and surface products are scientifically proven to help safeguard how people work, live and play. WellAir’s expanding platform of medical-grade solutions includes patented, FDA-cleared products that help protect indoor environments. Plasma Air, a part of WellAir, provides HVAC air purification systems that use highly efficient and safe bipolar ionization technology to neutralize and reduce indoor air pathogens and pollutants. WellAir and its brands can be found installed in hundreds of healthcare and long-term care facilities, schools, hotels, offices, and residences in more than 60 countries worldwide. WellAir is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and Stamford, Connecticut. 

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