Jarvis Estate Winery Provides Customers with “the best of everything.”

Published 2023-08-01

Visitors to the Napa Valley's Jarvis Estate marvel at all they encounter on tours of the winery's 45,000-square-foot underground cave, home to the entire Jarvis wine-making operation. In review after review, visitors make note of the spectacular handcrafted wines, cascading waterfall and subterranean stream, the collection of massive oak barrels, the gallery of crystal geodes, and the unforgettable experience in elegant, intimate tasting cavern.

Jarvis Estate winery uses Novaerus' Protect 900.

"The cave is simply stunning - around each corner is a fun surprise," one visitor posted on Yelp. But there's one feature visitors likely overlook, the sleek, neutral-colored WellAir air disinfection device discreetly installed in the tasting rooms. "I love the aesthetic of WellAir's Protect line of products," says William Jarvis, president of Jarvis Estate, whose parents founded the winery in 1992. “Even though it’s medical-grade technology, it doesn't look like a medical device. The attractive design is perfect for a customer-facing setting."

Perched 1,200 feet above the city of Napa, the Jarvis Estate vineyard had operated throughout the pandemic. However, the tasting rooms have had to close periodically due to COVID-19 and the Northern California wildfires. Since reopening to the public, the winery has gone to great lengths to protect its customers and staff, including the installation of WellAir's patented NanoStrikeTMtechnology the unique, patented technology at the core of all WellAir portable air disinfection that are is used in hospital operating theaters, intensive care units, and emergency rooms worldwide, from Dublin to Budapest to Seoul.

NanoStrike technology is not what you find in everyday air purifiers. "That went right along with our mission of providing our customers with the best of everything" says Jarvis. "For me, it was very convincing to learn that WellAir solutions were already deployed in medical facilities worldwide."

Jarvis Estate winery uses Novaerus' Protect 900.

Indeed, "world-class" is Jarvis Estate's operating principle, a dedication to quality that is evident at every turn. Among the Estate's 1,300 acres, grapes grow on a select 37, mineral-rich land exceptionally suited to producing intensely flavored fruit. The Estate produces no more than 7,000 cases of wine a year. Grapes are hand-collected in small bins, so they are not crushed before being transported to the cave.

Years of careful research and design preceded the cave's excavation, a visual and technical masterpiece that reaches as deep as 150 feet underground and houses the equipment needed for crushing, fermenting, aging, and bottling. The underground stream helps maintain the ideal temperature and humidity which results in crafting the vineyard's elegant Cabernets, lush Chardonnays, and velvety Merlots. "Every aspect of our approach has been carefully considered," says Jarvis.

That includes the installation of WellAir's Protect 900 and Protect 200 air disinfection devices in the tasting rooms, where groups of 8 to 15 guests are treated to multiple wine varieties, fine cheeses, and impeccable service. The devices protect the indoor air not only vistors' breathe but also the Jarvis employees. An additional WellAir device has been mounted inside the sales tunnel, where five employees work. Adding medical-grade air disinfection enhances the feeling of safety among Jarvis. And they do so while barely making a sound. "In fact, I'm not even sure if a device is on," says Jarvis. "I'll put my hand next to the fan and feel the air blowing in and out and go, 'Oh, okay.'"

Though it was COVID-19 that prompted William Jarvis to install WellAir's NanoStrike technology, he has kept the devices humming along, given the numerous other airborne viruses, and bacteria, mold and wildfire smoke that may be wafting about at any given time. We're committed to keeping our staff and our customers safe, and it is helpful to have these devices deployed, especially during the cold and flu season."


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