UVC surface disinfection

Engineered to deliver the best surface disinfection on the market, destroying over 99.98% of the most common and harmful pathogens.


NuvaWave handheld device is the ultimate portable solution for UV Disinfection. Disinfecting surfaces and equipment to eliminate pathogens has never been safer or faster than with NuvaWave.


  • Distance feedback to aid user in optimal placement
  • Continuous system performance monitoring
  • Embedded computer sensors for intelligent safety shut-off
  • Uniform UVC light across disinfection area
  • Ergonomically balanced design
  • Visible light indicators of active UV disinfection
Commonly used in:
  • Schools
  • Aviation
  • Dental Offices
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Sports & Entertainment

Instructions For Use

Portable UV surface disinfection


  • NuvaWave UVC handheld device
  • 2x NuvaWave UVC face shields
  • 2x 3-hour rechargeable batteries
  • AC battery charger
  • Utility belt with battery mount + holster
  • Instructions for use


NuvaWave is engineered to deliver the best performance on the market. That means shorter cycles, higher efficacy, and safer spaces than competitors. Efficacy testing shows that NuvaWave™ can destroy over 99.98% of the most common and harmful pathogens in just 1 second.

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