Air Purifier Test Report



LAWN Environmental Protection Ltd.


To evaluate the efficacy of the PA102C on reducing total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), formaldehyde (HCHO), airborne bacteria and cigarette smoke particulate. 


The testing of the PA102C took place in a controlled room 1,000 ft3 in size. 

Summary of Results 

The device reduced over 70% of TVOC, formaldehyde, airborne bacteria and cigarette smoke particulate (0.5μ – 5.0μ) within 15 minutes, over 80% within 30 minutes, and over 90% within 45 minutes. 

Final results after one hour: 95.3% reduction of formaldehyde, 98.6% reduction of TVOC, 95.3% reduction of airborne bacteria, and 96.3% reduction of particulate.